Shrimp Lettuce Wraps with Avocado Pesto

When you need a quick lunch, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be healthy! This is what I threw together today for my midday meal.

lettuce cups


  • Romaine*
  • Micro greens
  • 1/3 Cucumber, peeled*
  • 1/2 Mango
  • Sustainable and Wild caught salad shrimp (found these in the frozen section at Sprouts)
  • Avocado Pesto (had some leftover from a recipe the night before)
    • 1 medium avocado
    • 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
    • 2-3 garlic cloves (I prefer 2)
    • 1/4 cup basil
    • 1/2 a lemon, juiced
    • 1/3 cup nutritional yeast
    • Fresh ground pepper and Himalayan salt to taste
    • Slowly add up to 1/3 cup of water to achieve desired consistency


  • Defrost 1 ounce of shrimp by leaving out at room temp for a few hours
  • Blend Avocado Pesto ingredients in a food processor
  • Chop cucumber and mango
  • Prepare lettuce wraps
  • Drizzle Avocado Pesto over wraps

A simple and delicious lunch!

*Use organic ingredients when possible especially for any ‘dirty dozen’ produce.


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