Black Bean Noodles With Fresh Julienne Veggies

As I was searching for buckwheat soba noodles in Whole Foods yesterday, I came across this organic, gluten-free, and vegan, black bean spaghetti.  My immediate thought was it’s probably too good to be true, like most packaged foods.  I started to read the ingredients- organic black beans and water.  Get out, just two ingredients, that’s amazing!  Onto the nutrition facts- low in carbohydrates, calories, and sugar, really high in fiber and protein, and minimal sodium.  Could this be?  A healthy spaghetti, that nutrition wise is equivalent to plain black beans, and it could potentially taste good?  I was pretty excited as I left the grocery store and couldn’t wait to whip up something delicious with this pasta.



  • 1 package of black bean noodles (4 servings)
  • organic veggies of choice- I used cucumber, rainbow carrots, and beets
  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds

Dressing Ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup of olive oil
  • 1/4 cup raw coconut vinegar
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • juice of one lime
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil (optional)
  • sprinkle of pink himalayan salt (optional)
  • a pinch of chili powder (more if you like a kick)


Cook the noodles according to the package instructions and drain.  Mince and lightly saute the garlic over low heat then remove from heat.  In a separate bowl, combine the other dressing ingredients then add the garlic.  Thoroughly mix the dressing with a whisk and pour over the noodles.  Add the sesame seeds.  Julienne the vegetables and add atop the noodles.

It’s best served cold.  If storing overnight, add your veggies immediately before serving to preserve freshness.


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